What does Haven Hideaway mean? Should I go on a standard Haven vacation or a Haven Hideaway? (2023)

What does Haven Hideaway mean? Should I go on a standard Haven vacation or a Haven Hideaway? (1)

Vacations at Haven Hideaway do not include access to most facilities

Which Haven holiday parks make our top 10?

You may have noticed that a few different prices appear when you book a Haven vacation.

The first option is one"Garden" holidays.while the second option is one«Haven Hideaway» ferie. Haven Hideaway holidays are usually £80-£200 cheaper for a week.

So what's the difference and is it worth paying the higher price?

In summary, a holiday at Haven Hideaway means you cannot use the site facilities apart from the restaurants, shop, laundry and takeaway.

Thethe official explanation is here, or you can read on for more details on what a vacation at Haven Hideaway includes and our opinion on whether it's worth upgrading.

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"Haven Stay" is now "Haven Hideaway"

Haven has offered two vacation options for a while now, but they were previously called "Haven Stay" (now called "Haven Hideaway") or "Haven Stay + Play" (now just called "Haven" vacations).In summary, a standard Haven holiday gives you accommodation and access to all complimentary hotel facilities (eg pool, evening entertainment). You can also choose if you want to pay for the extra activities (eg climbing walls, archery, zip lining, etc.)

A vacation at Haven Hideaway offers you just accommodation, as well as access to the restaurants. You cannot use the pool and you cannot register for the paid activities.

Haven Hideaway is for people who want a reasonably priced motorhome holiday but just want a base to explore the area.

I understand that Haven introduced these options when Covid-19 led to an explosion in overnight stays. They got a lot of first-time visitors who didn't want to mingle with everyone else, but loved the beach location and reliable accommodations that Haven offered.

What does Haven Hideaway mean? Should I go on a standard Haven vacation or a Haven Hideaway? (2)

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Haven Hideaway holidays do not include pool access (this is Haven Burnham on Sea)

What you need to know about Haven Vacations vs Haven Hideaway Vacations

  • A typical Haven vacation comes with something called a'Play Pass'.This is what you need if you want to use the pool, tackle a high ropes course, sign the kids up for a boating lesson, or scramble around a miniature golf course.
  • A Play Pass doesnotoffer "all inclusive" holidays. It allows you to use some facilities for free, but you have to pay extra for many things. For example, a game of mini golf will cost you around £2.50-£5. The climbing wall will cost you around £10-12. There is detailedactivities page on the Haven website, but it's worth realizing that you can't do all the activities at every resort.

  • Haven Hideaway vacations do not come with a Play Pass, so you cannot use the facilities. The good news is that you can still order a takeaway, visit a hotel restaurant, wash your trousers in the washing machine and buy a pint of milk in the hotel shop.
  • Haven holiday parks vary in size and facilitiesvery.They are very different fromCenter Parcs, where there is a degree of uniformity and consistency about what to expect when you arrive.

    A large Haven holiday park has enough space to keep you entertained all week. You'll be missing out on a lot if you choose the Haven Hideaway option.

    The larger Haven holiday parks include;Haven Craig Tarai scotlandHaven Devon Cliffsin Devon andSeaport

    The oasis of the seain North Wales.

    The pools at Craig Tara and Hafan y Mor are particularly good and your children (and your husband) will be annoyed if they can't use them. Meanwhile, a smaller Haven resort such asSea view in Dorsetthey have indoor and outdoor pools, but are much simpler and smaller.

What does Haven Hideaway mean? Should I go on a standard Haven vacation or a Haven Hideaway? (3)

Havens Craig Tara Holiday Park in Scotland has a water park with slides and other fun...

What does Haven Hideaway mean? Should I go on a standard Haven vacation or a Haven Hideaway? (4)

...while Havens Seaview Holiday Park in Dorset has a much simpler pool

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​What is the price difference between Haven Vacations and Haven Hideaway?

In general, if you don't use any of the facilities on a Haven holiday during a week's holiday, you'll save around £80-£300.

However, the exact amount you save by holidaying at Haven Hideaway varies depending on a) the time of year b) the number of facilities at the holiday park and c) the length of your stay.

For example, a family of four living inHaven Devon Cliffsfor a week in August 2023 would pay from £678 for a Haven Hideaway holiday or £888 for a standard Haven holiday (based on cheapest accommodation available). This is a total of £210 for use of the facilities, or £7.50 per person, per day.

Meanwhile, a family of four lives inHaven Lydstep Strandfor a week in September 2023 would pay just £3.21 per person, per day to use the facilities. This price is based on a Saver caravan costing £693 for a Haven holiday or £603 for a Haven Hideaway holiday.

For a more detailed comparison, we looked at the cost of upgrading from Haven Hideaway to a standard Haven vacation at

The oasis of the seain Wales. It's a huge holiday park with great facilities so you can expect to pay quite a bit extra for the facilities.Here is the cost of upgrading for a family of four to the cheapest accommodation available atThe oasis of the sea:

  • April 2023: £135 (excluding school holidays)
  • June 2023: £170
  • August 2023: £210
  • September 2023: £110
  • October 2023: £80 (excluding school holidays)

Prices are similar to Haven Devon Cliffs, another large and popular resort:

  • April 2022: £80 (excluding school holidays)
  • June 2022: £90
  • August 2023: £210
  • September 2023: £110
  • October 2023: £90 (excluding school holidays)

So the amount you pay for the upgrade is quite significant in the summer, but much less in the fall.

In peak weeks, you'll pay around £200 for a family of four to use the facilities at Devon Cliffs

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Are you getting value for money with your Haven holiday?

One thing to keep in mind is that you will likely spend more money off-site if you vacation at Haven Hideaway. For example, you may decide to visitCrealy Theme Parkif you live in Devon Cliffs. A family of four pays around £80 entry. That's quite a chunk of the £90 saving if you visit Devon Cliffs in October, but it's less significant if you've saved £210 by choosing the Haven Hideaway in August.

It also depends on what your family enjoys on vacation. Haven Hideaway means you can't see the fun at Haven Devon Cliffs, but you might prefer a trip to the cinema in Exmouth (around £25 for a family ticket).

If you want a family bath every day, you're better off using the facilities at Devon Cliffs. If you just want a basic swim in a day, you'd be better off paying £15 for a family dip at Exmouth council pool.

It pays to do a thorough research to find out what your kids are looking forward to doing. If they just want to do an aerial adventure or a zip line then you'd be better off visiting a nearby Go Ape (£20-£30) rather than paying £100-£200 for a Haven holiday and then another £12 for Haven Adrena - Line with zipper.

Conclusion - Haven Holidays v Haven Hideaway Holidays

If you are visiting off peak season I would definitely go for it"standard" Haven holidayseven if you mainly plan to spend time outside. You're likely to pay less than £100 for a family of four for a week, which is good value compared to local days out.

If you're visiting a larger Haven resort in the school holidays, it's a slightly more difficult decision as the difference can be around £200. It will pay for a few days out or meals out, so you'll need to use the hotel facilities enough to get value for money.

Also remember that paying for a standard 'Haven' holiday does not mean you can do all the activities on site for free. Many things cost extra, although in my experience the prices are not as high as Center Parcs.

Overall, I think it's worth paying for the full Haven vacation experience. Downgrading to a Haven Hideaway holiday means your kids won't be able to join the entertainment or ride the canals - which could be a problem if they make friends with the kids in the caravan next door.

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What does Haven Hideaway mean? Should I go on a standard Haven vacation or a Haven Hideaway? ›

In summary, a Haven Hideaway holiday means that you can't use the onsite facilities except for the restaurants, shop, launderette and takeaway.

What's the difference between Haven Hideaway? ›

Choose a Haven holiday for great caravans, a Play Pass for swimming and entertainment, as well as access to free & paid for activities and our on-site restaurants. Or choose a Haven Hideaway break for a fabulous caravan you can use as a base for exploring the area, plus access to our restaurants.

What is the difference between stay and stay and play Haven? ›

if you book a Haven Stay + Play holiday you get given a 'Play Pass'. That means you can use things like swimming pools, watch evening entertainment and sign up for activities like minigolf, football and bushcraft.

Can you add passes to Haven Hideaway? ›

The Haven Play passes are great value and allow you to make the most of your staycation at Haven park. Before you book your Haven holiday it is important to note that Play Passes are not available for Haven Hideaway guests.

Do I need to take towels to Haven? ›

At Haven sites the bed linen is included as standard. Not only does having bed linen included mean one less thing to pack, but more importantly all the beds will all be made up when you arrive. Towels are only included in our Silver, Gold and Signature caravans, so we'll remind you to bring these later on.

What does Haven hideaway mean when booking? ›

In summary, a Haven Hideaway holiday means that you can't use the onsite facilities except for the restaurants, shop, launderette and takeaway.

Does Haven include towels? ›

Towels (towels will be supplied in Silver, Gold and Signature models) Toilet rolls, toiletries and a bath mat. Hairdryer (a hairdryer will be supplied in Silver, Gold and Signature models) Tea bags/coffee, squash, salt, pepper, tomato sauce, oil - these are also all available in our on-site Mini Market.

Are passes included at Haven? ›

Who are Play Passes available to? Play Passes are only available to those who have booked a Haven holiday and come automatically included within the cost of the holiday.

Can you upgrade with Haven? ›

You'll spot the scenic sections, the handy spots near the facilities and we'll also give you a range of upgrade options, complete with all the great features you can expect from your new accommodation!

Can you bring guests to Haven? ›


However, guests who have booked through an owner will have the opportunity on arrival to purchase a Play Pass, for anyone registered, to access the same facilities (swimming pools, entertainment venues, leisure facilities and activities) as a Haven package guest.

Can you use other Haven facilities? ›

If you wish to travel to another park, it would be best to get in touch with the park you want to travel to and find out if you will be able to use the facilities on the date you wish to travel. Owners at that park and holidaymakers would take priority, in the same way you would be priority at the park you own at.

What is the haven arrival pass? ›

If you arrive early, you'll have access to use the restaurants, arcades, shops and have free roam of outdoor spaces on their parks. Please note: your accommodation can only be accessed at your designated arrival time.

Do you get pots and pans in Haven caravans? ›

Is all the cooking equipment included and will there be a microwave? Yes. All caravans and lodges come with pots, pans, utensils, cutlery etc. All caravans and lodges also a have fridge, oven, hob and microwave.

Why do you need to wear a towel to the beach? ›

Whereas a bath towel is meant for your everyday use of bathing, a beach towel functions as a relaxing blanket that keeps you away from the sand. If you are planning to replace a beach towel with a bath towel, you will end up with legs covered with sand, a not-so-pleasant experience.

What time is check in at Hideaway? ›

Checking in and out

Check-in time for all our Hideaways is 4pm. Check-out time for all Hideaways is 11am.

How long can you stay at Haven? ›

As an owner at Haven, you're able to occupy your holiday home for up to 60 consecutive days at a time. Many of our Haven parks are open for 10 months of the year between March and November, so whether you want to stay for a weekend or a couple of months, it's fine with us.

Do Haven caravans have microwaves? ›

Microwave and oven. Gas, water and electricity. Kitchen utensils and cutlery. Beds made up.

Which Haven has the best beach? ›

Lydstep Beach, South Wales

Smaller than most of our parks, Lydstep is the place to be for beach afficionados that are looking for a place to kick back and relax. You'll spot the magnificent Caldey Island out at sea in the distance, which can be accessed from Tenby via a fleet of boats that run from Easter to October.

How to save money at Haven? ›

The best way to get good value for money at Haven Holidays is to either book last minute or book in advance! When booking last minute, you can find unbeatable prices. These last-minute deals are not that hard to find either and offer great flexibility when booking them.

Which Haven site is biggest? ›

Haven's largest holiday park, Primrose Valley, is situated along the magnificent Yorkshire coast, where clifftop walks, and beautiful bays await.

What does the Haven offer? ›

The Haven offers unparalleled accommodations aboard Norwegian Cruise Line vessels, and offers guests private access to exclusive spaces such as The Haven Lounge and The Haven Restaurant (Or, if on a Jewel-class ship, a dedicated speciality restaurant that is used for exclusive breakfast and lunch offerings).

Do you have to book Haven activities? ›

Book at haven.com/experience. Activities and swimming can also be booked whilst you're on holiday, subject to availability, but we recommend booking ahead for anything you're sure you want to try.

Do they have irons at Haven? ›

Hi An iron isn't provided however we do hire out irons. The cost depends on the length of your stay, it's £5 for a short break and £10 for a week.

Is bottled water included in the Haven? ›

Suites / Haven Suites Extras include:

All of the inclusions from the 'Free at Sea' upgrade - Premium Beverages - unlimited beers, wines, spirits, cocktails & soft-drinks, daily bottled water, gratuities, service charges & speciality coffees with meals.

What is included in the Haven? ›

  • Distinctive Haven Keycard.
  • Personal escort on and off the ship at the pier and at ports-of-call.
  • Concierge Service to help you book dining, entertainment, shore excursions and more.
  • 24-hour trained and certified Butler Service.
  • Haven umbrella, available for use onboard & ashore.

What time do you have to leave Haven? ›

On the day of departure we ask that all our guests leave their touring pitches by 10am. We want guests to be able to make the most of their time away with us and you are welcome to use the park facilities on your departure day for any bookings such as activities, swimming and restaurants.

What are the Haven wristbands for? ›

You are given red wristbands to access the touring site. Different colours give different access to the facilities. All Haven sites operate this system to stop locals accessing the site.

Do Haven caravans have wifi? ›

Wi-Fi connectivity is free to all users at all our Haven parks. Our caravan owners also benefit from complimentary Wi-Fi in our caravan owners' lounges.

Can I use my Haven Privilege Card at any Haven? ›

You'll be able to use your card in a variety of locations within your chosen park. At the start of the season, you'll be given not one, not two but 12 cards for you, and your nearest and dearest to use. This is ideal for when the extended family and friends come to stay with you.

What do the Colours mean on Haven map? ›

The colours on the map are solely to distinguish between different areas, and have no bearing on the grade of the caravan - each area has a mixture of grades within it, regardless of colour. I hope this answers your questions, if you need anything else please do not hesitate to call me on 01723 513771.

What is the difference between bronze and silver haven? ›

Silver Haven caravans

They are the same width as a bronze caravan, but you get a fridge/freezer rather than just a fridge which you get in the saver and bronze caravans. You get a larger TV in the lounge and an extra TV in a bedroom. You also get towels provided, unlike saver and bronze.

Do you get an iron in Haven caravans? ›

Irons are not included in any of our grades though we do have some available to hire. Please give us a call before you arrive or ask at Reception on arrival and the team will be more than happy to help.

Are drinks free in the Haven? ›

With Norwegian's ongoing free-perks promotion, Haven cruise passengers receive all the promotional perks, such as an unlimited beverage package, free meals at specialty dining restaurants, a shore excursion credit, an internet package and free third and fourth passengers to a cabin on select sailings.

How much do you tip a butler on a cruise? ›

Special Services - Butlers, concierge, salon and spa attendants should be tipped for their services at your discretion - usually 15%. Gratuities for Drinks - Bar bills almost always include a 15% gratuity, even if the ship has a "no tipping" policy.

Do Haven guests get priority boarding? ›

The concierge desk can help you book dining, entertainment reservations, shore excursions, and more. However, the Haven experience starts even before you board the ship. All Haven guests have priority embarkation (and disembarkation).

Can you BBQ at Haven? ›

As long as you protect the ground and be courteous of neighbours and gas bottles we allow you to bring a BBQ, paving slabs can be provided to protect our grass. Helpful? Every Haven site we have had our own portable BBQs and have had no come backs.

Can you pay later with Haven? ›

Go ahead and book, and if you happen to see your holiday for a better price later, we'll happily give you the difference back. No need to pay for everything now. Our monthly payment plan lets you spread the cost of your holiday interest-free, so long as your holiday is at least 10 weeks away.

Can you get caravans next to each other at Haven? ›

We may be able to help you arrange your accommodation so that you're near your friends. We will try to fulfil any requests, however, this is subject to pitch availability and we charge a small fee to guarantee this. Please note it is not always possible.

Who owns Haven? ›

We're part of Bourne Leisure Ltd, who also own Warner Leisure Hotels. Bourne began over 40 years ago, with one caravan park. The company has been growing and growing ever since – and now it's the largest privately-owned holiday operator in the UK.

How to book Haven swimming pool? ›

Book at haven.com/experience. Activities and swimming can also be booked whilst you're on holiday, subject to availability, but we recommend booking ahead to get the session times you want. Our outdoor pools are open, weather permitting, between May half term - end of August bank holiday. No booking is needed.

Can I change my check in time at Haven? ›

You can move your time slot back later but not earlier unless you pay for an early slot. Depends on the grade of your caravan. The more expensive caravan the earlier check in you get.

What is the difference between Haven and Haven Hideaway caravans? ›

Choose a Haven holiday for great caravans, a Play Pass for swimming and entertainment, as well as access to free & paid for activities and our on-site restaurants. Or choose a Haven Hideaway break for a fabulous caravan you can use as a base for exploring the area, plus access to our restaurants.

Do Haven caravans have cameras? ›

CCTV. Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR). Body Worn Cameras (BWC) where required for guest safety - the security team will always inform you before turning their BWC's on.

Can you use regular pots and pans for camping? ›

While you can use some of the pots and pans from your home kitchen, there are some benefits of owning a dedicated set of camp cookware. Makes Packing Easier: The biggest advantage of owning a set of camp cookware is that you don't have to rummage through your kitchen each time you want to go camping.

Why does everyone wear white shirts on the beach? ›

Answer: Solution: We prefer white clothes in summer because white clothes reflect most of the sun's heat and absorb very little of the sun's heat and keeps our body cool.

Should I bring a beach towel to an all inclusive? ›

Towels. You don't need towels, as the resort provides these to all guests, and you can exchange them for clean dry ones at any time.

Should you bring your own beach towel to a resort? ›

Beach towels

A regular bathroom towel just won't cut it! Make sure you bring along beach towels anytime you travel to an oceanfront resort.

What does Haven play pass include? ›

As well as your holiday home, you also get: access to indoor and outdoor swimming pools, flumes and slides, depending on the site. access to all entertainment venues and arcades – this includes daytime activities and night time entertainment and shows.

What is the newest Haven site? ›

Skegness Holiday Park

The latest addition to the Haven family, Skegness Holiday Park is preparing to welcome its first Haven guests in 2023. We're squirrelling away behind the scenes to update the park, and by Summer 2023, our plans include: A new outdoor piazza, stage, and Bark Yard.

How long can you stay on a Haven site? ›

At Haven, we believe you should be able to enjoy your holiday home for as long as you like, you just need to take good care of it and make sure it's safe and well maintained. The initial licence period for the occupation of a pitch on the park is 12 years.

Can you sleep in awning at Haven? ›

Can I sleep under the awning? If you're staying at Littlesea, Reighton Sands, Seaview or Thorpe Park you'll be able to sleep under your awning.

Can you have guests at Haven? ›

We are asking all visitors to our parks to pre-register before they arrive, this includes Haven holiday guests, owners, contractors and private letting guests. We have a contactless arrival process which allows guests to arrive on park and get to your holiday home quickly and safely.

Which Haven site is the biggest? ›

Haven's largest holiday park, Primrose Valley, is situated along the magnificent Yorkshire coast, where clifftop walks, and beautiful bays await.

What is the cheapest Haven park? ›

There are exceptions of course, but we picked out 10 of the best Haven holiday parks for our guide and found that the three cheapest were Seton Sands in Scotland, Thornwick Bay in Yorkshire and ​Lakeland Leisure Park in the Lake District.

Which Haven parks have the jump? ›

A giant airbag to satisfy thrill-seekers of all ages has been added to the list of attractions at a North Wales holiday park. Presthaven Sands in Prestatyn has opened 'The Jump,' with Olympic gold medalist, Denise Lewis first to take the plunge.

Can I arrive early at Haven? ›

Please note: Please do not arrive any earlier than two hours before your chosen or allocated accommodation check-in time (reminder: 12pm-1pm check-in can only arrive 1 hour before their accommodation check-in time), as you may be asked to leave the park and return during your allocated time slot in order to help keep ...

How long do you have to pay a haven holiday? ›

The alternative to the easy payment plan is to pay in full or to pay an initial deposit of £60 at the time of booking and then the outstanding balance which will be due 10 weeks before arrival.

Can you sleep in a tent on the beach overnight? ›

Yes, you can pitch a tent on the beach as long as it is permissible to do so in that particular area. Many beaches have restrictions on camping, so be sure to check before making any plans. Additionally, always heed local advisories and weather conditions when camping near bodies of water.

Can you sleep in beach tent? ›

Beach tents tend to be small. Because they are used for just one or two people to stay out of the sun, they don't have a lot of room inside. The purpose here is not to keep you comfortable for a night of sleep. It's just to give you a place to get out of the sun for a few hours at most.


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