The Hop Reference Book is truly a building program that works in all aspects necessary to increase your vertical jump. If you want to grow your industry, this program will give the best results. (2023)

Jump Calendar is actually a combo program that works in every way necessary to superimpose your vertical jump. If you want to increase your vertical, this program will find you the money for the best results.

When we are faced with jumping in basketball or some other game, we must understand that jumping is a crucial component of athletics. Jumping is one of those things that is difficult to increase, and as a result, we become obsessed with training specifically for it if we want to see any effect. A specific program dedicated to not asking questions to jump right is the jump manual.

This program is one of the best ways to increase your vertical jump fast and as you can see (if you watched the video above) I have used this program myself and have been training with this in mind for a few months now, for this reason I can share with you some of the things I did in college and what I think about the program.

So let's acquire together with the business

Jump Calendar is a complete training program to increase athletes' vertical jump, it gives basketball players the thing they most want, strong legs and a strong vertical. The uniqueness of this program is that it uses what is called a multifaceted approach; Basically, this means attacking difficulties from as many angles as possible for maximum effect.

This program uses scientific techniques to train your vertical jump and is backed by clinical studies that prove these methods are the safest and most effective ways to train your vertical jump.


The man who created this unique system is trainer Jacob Hiller. Jacob is one of the most well-known hop trainers in the world. During his coaching career, he has coached some of the best athletes on the planet, including NBA players, professional slam dunk groups and Olympic high jumpers. It defaults to responses from major agencies like ESPN, Mens Health, and Sports Illustrated.

Jacob is also a former basketball player and what drove him to develop his unique system is the fact that he struggled when he jumped out as a player and didn't find a solution afterwards until standard training. After retiring, he went on a journey to find other practices and techniques to maximize his jumping backwards ability.

As you know, jumping complexes require training, but how do you know if you are training correctly?

When you take on a program, you need to be sure that the program you choose will address as many elements as possible and that your training program is balanced and makes sense. And while increasing your vertical is a tall order, you need to make sure you're choosing a training program that does it all.

Using elite programs like Vert Wonder and the Jumping Reference Book, you'll find that the training is perfect because it's accurate and certainly specific to the task you're trying to promote, which in this case is jumping.

This program will teach you exactly how to drill with correct technique, followed by excellent video guides and training plans. The price you spend on purchasing this program is only $67 which can be unconditional if you are not sure of your results.

Here's a good video describing what this show does best, the guy speaking is Jacob Hiller, so be sure to check it out.

Immediately after purchasing the program, you get instant access to the member's area, you can download the software to your computer as seamlessly as you can to your phone (yes, there's an app too) and you'll be around and talking behind more people. the same thing on the forum.

Also, what I love the most is that you receive one-on-one training alongside none other than Jacob Hiller himself, who is the man who created the manual and developed this innovative system. You will even get good bonuses through this agreement, such as the interview with Dave Hoplas in which he reveals his shooting form from stupid to excellent, and even an interview with the renowned sports psychologist Patrick Cohn, who shares excellent ideas about the mentality of a basketball player.

However, the most necessary situation is that the program guarantees results. If you don't declare the results, we'll give you all your money back, which is a big plus. If you are anxious to know if this system works as it claims, there are already many testimonials proving that this program works. As a result, you can be right next to those athletes who have gained 10 to 25 inches using this system.


The software that comes after this program will run on any type of computer. It contains all the materials you obsess over and is extremely easy to use. Videos are especially useful for demonstrating gymnastics and stretching.

Specific Nutritional Plan

For maximum gains, you will need to eat right, so there is a nutrition regimen for your body to build muscle. The training component of the course allows you to receive answers to your questions by email whenever you need it.

academy alternatives

Another interesting aspect of this program is the fact that it shows you exchange exercises if you are not allowed to go to a weight room. Jacob Hiller made sure his show was a crowd pleaser, so he took everything into consideration beforehand.

avoid injuries

In case of a stroke, he fears the program will be dangerous for his legs, so Jacob has taken that into account as well. There is a section on how to avoid insults where it explains more or less stretching andhand jumpthe best ways to recover after workouts.

As you can see in my video above (skip to minute 4 if you haven't already), I'm soaking the whole place like crazy. You see me simulate one-handed dunks, two-handed dunks, tomahawks, and even more or less a 360 (which I'm sure I'll get eventually).

I'm more adept at multifaceted shots on the court, like attacking the basket as quickly as possible or coming from the lane, etc. This is important because it allows me to shoot in rotational situations and circumstances and I am not limited in any way. Basically, there are 3 main ways to skip and peek, which are:

Execution This is your vertical management and it basically means using the loan you have from management to propel yourself forward. It's usually the easiest vertical jump and people tend to jump higher this way.
One step This is your vertical step and very helpful means you give a positive response just one step before jumping. You see this a lot in games where there's already an artist in the paint by the basket waiting for the pass and then he catches the ball all he has to do is step on the hoop and jump. This jumping form is moderately difficult.
Flat Feet This is the most difficult type of vertical jump and basically means jumping from a stationary position, properly read "vertical reach standing". This one is actually tough because you don't have any head start and you're just relying on the ability of your legs to explode vertically. Having this clearly makes him unstoppable under the hoop and is also good for rebounding and blocking shots since in most of these cases you are jumping from a stationary position. If you can understand this hype below, you are a great jumper.
As you can see in my video, I've managed to hit each of the three and I'm not limited to just one pretentious jump. You can see that I'm also mixing up the jobs, sometimes jumping following just one leg, sometimes once with two, as I'm pretty versatile considering jumping skills, don't you think?

In general, I am quite satisfied with my results after the program. Not going to lie to you, it took me over 5 months to get it and it was hard to do but with skill it was worth it because I can now jump over 40 inches high (41.5 to be exact) and overall I gained not quite 13 inches. about my leap considering this program as a result, the investment paid off and child support spent without difficulty.


get the dunk achievement

So whether you are a professional basketball player or just after a neighborhood game with your friends, this program will encourage you to increase your jump height.

The Jump Reference Book is not just a course to increase your vertical leap, it is much more than that. By using this program you will become incredibly flexible and your overall steps will increase. You will be a craftsman at the top of your game and dominate the court considering the additional skills you will have.

As a basketball player myself, I cannot stress enough how this program has helped me to continue my game and I am sure it will encourage you as well. I've seen a lot of people think they can build their own vertical, and unfortunately, they have no idea what they're doing. Also, every single person I've seen train with this program, every single one of them since, without exception, has improved.

So seriously guys end up wasting, aging and moving the image with ineffective techniques that don't work, get a copy of this program and try it for yourself.

For more information abouthand jumpsee our website.


The Hop Reference Book is truly a building program that works in all aspects necessary to increase your vertical jump. If you want to grow your industry, this program will give the best results.? ›

Yes, it does help you jump higher. Jump rope improves your vertical jumping abilities since it works the same muscles that are activated when you leap vertically.

How can I improve my vertical jump program? ›

10 Exercises to Improve Your Vertical Jump
  1. ½ Kneel to Single-Leg Hop. ...
  2. Drop Squats with Posterior Arm Throws. ...
  3. Broad Jump to High Jump. ...
  4. Lateral Bound to Jump. ...
  5. 180º Jumps. ...
  6. Back Leg Elevated Single-Leg Jumps. ...
  7. Tuck Jumps. ...
  8. Mountain Climbers.

Does jump rope increase vertical? ›

Yes, it does help you jump higher. Jump rope improves your vertical jumping abilities since it works the same muscles that are activated when you leap vertically.

How do you increase vertical jump in volleyball? ›

The best and fastest way to increase your vertical is to get in the gym, weight room, or any level ground and jump. Two of my favorite techniques for increasing vertical are jumping rope and box jump training. Many collegiate volleyball teams utilize jumping rope as both jump training and cardio training.

How can I increase my vertical jump in 2 weeks? ›

How to Add 4 Inches to Your Vertical Jump in Two Weeks
  1. A heavy strength exercise.
  2. A powerful plyometric exercise.
  3. A light and fast strength exercise.
  4. A fast and quick plyometric, or even overspeed plyometric exercise.
Dec 7, 2016

What foods increase vertical jump? ›

Low fat meats, fruits, vegies and salads. Eating unprocessed healthy foods will decrease your body fat while at the same time improving your health. These foods are high in Vitamin C, a powerful building block and protein.

Can jumping jacks increase Vert? ›

One way to increase your vertical leap is by doing calisthenics every day. To improve your flexibility and muscle strength, do bodyweight exercises such as push ups, jumping jacks, sit-ups, and lunges.

How many squats should I do a day to increase my vertical? ›

Timing: For maximum strength gains, do back squats as either the first or second strength exercise in your workout. Sets/Reps: For general strength and lower-body development, Benguche recommends 3–6 sets of 3–8 reps with moderate loading—70%–85% of your one-rep max (1RM).

How to add 6 inches to your vertical? ›

Strength exercises are slow, controlled movements. The best strength exercises for increasing the vertical jump are squats, lunges and step ups. These are the best because they are compound movements, which work the knee joint and the hip joint at the same time.

How can I increase my vertical jump in 7 days? ›

Exercises to try
  1. Jumping jacks. Jumping jacks are a type of plyometric exercise that can help you jump higher by building lower body strength. ...
  2. Single-leg deadlifts with jump. This advanced exercise builds stability as you explosively jump up using one leg at a time. ...
  3. Burpees. ...
  4. Forward linear jumps. ...
  5. Squat jumps. ...
  6. Rebounding.
May 28, 2020

What muscles do you need to jump higher? ›

What Muscles Are Used for Jumping? Your lower body muscles, including your calves, hamstrings, quads, and glutes, propel your body upward when you jump. These muscles play important individual roles in jumping and work together to help you launch yourself higher.

Do squats help you jump higher? ›

But, does the squat make you jump higher? Yes, building strength in the squat has been shown to increase vertical jump performance by 12.4% after only 8-weeks of squat training. When comparing the squat with other lower body exercises, such as the leg press, the squat is 3.5X more effective in increasing jump results.

Do high knees help you jump higher? ›

Your knees and ankles are the key to jumping higher, according to a new study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. A vertical jump involves “triple extension”—fully extending the ankles, knees, and hips.

Why can some people jump higher? ›

Lighter, leaner people tend to jump higher because they can create more velocity and more force relative to their body weight, So, you can be as strong as a truck, but if you're also as slow as a truck, that's going to make it hard to leave the ground.

How long should I jump everyday? ›

Weight Loss and Toning

Aim for at least 20-30 minutes of moderate to high-intensity jumping rope daily to maximize weight loss.

Do stronger legs make you run faster? ›

Strong legs help us move more efficiently and faster, and they prevent injury. For runners, the importance of strong legs is even greater. Resist the urge to skimp in the weight room and simply run more. The best runners put in the miles but also spend time in the gym, strength training every week.

How many times a day should I jump? ›

No matter what exercise routine you enjoy, you have to prioritize active recovery. Jumping rope three to five times a week is plenty. With that said, if you want to jump rope every day, keep your workouts relatively short and your intensity low. Listen to your body and rest when you need.

What vitamins help vertical jump? ›

ZMA (zinc/magnesium/vitamin B6)

However, after recognizing that zinc can improve strength, magnesium can assist in relaxing the nervous system and B6 can help dramatically improve the quality of sleep. When these minerals and vitamins are combined, they provide optimal recovery which is paramount for power output.

Does caffeine help you jump higher? ›

Caffeine's Effects on Vertical Jump Height

Twenty-five NCAA Division I athletes performed a Squat Jump and Countermovement Jump after consuming either 5 mg/kg of caffeine or a placebo. Vertical jump performance increased by 5.4 percent and countermovement jump increased by 4.3%.

What happens if you do jumping jacks everyday? ›

Because jumping jacks involve nearly every muscle, they are metabolically demanding and can burn quite a few calories, depending on your body weight. Regularly incorporating vigorous sets of jumping jacks may support fat loss, especially when coupled with a healthy diet and a well-rounded, total-body workout routine.

Will 100 jumping jacks day do? ›

Complement your cardio (30 minutes of walking a day, remember!) by adding in 3 sets of 100 “jacks” throughout the day. It only takes 2 minutes to complete each set, and you'll burn a total of 60 additional calories a day.

What muscle is best for vertical jump? ›

The optimal distribution of leg muscles for vertical jumping produces a configuration in which muscle volume is gained in the gastrocnemius, vastus, and hamstrings.

How hard is it to get a 40 inch vertical? ›

99% of players will never have a 40-inch vertical, no matter how hard they train. And it's highly unlikely you'll double your vertical jump with those programs in the next 12 weeks.

Can anyone increase their vertical jump? ›

There are several ways to increase vertical jump, including strength training exercises, plyometric drills, and practicing proper jumping technique. By focusing on increasing your explosiveness, you can improve your performance in any sport.

Does your vertical increase as you get older? ›

Vertical jumping power declines with advancing age, which is theoretically explicable by loss of muscle mass and increases in body fat.

Can you jump everyday to increase vertical? ›

Yes, jumping every day will increase your vertical jump, but volume and intensity need to be strategically programed to allow your body to recover.

Can gaining weight increase vertical? ›

For a 170 pound athlete, a fat gain of 3.4 pounds (2%), could result in a vertical jump height loss of 2 inches, and a 40 yard dash time increase of 0.26 seconds. If you are not familiar with the 40 yard dash, 0.26 seconds is an eternity.

How many inches can you realistically add to your vertical? ›

If you're intermediate (have trained for 1-2 years), you can realistically increase your vertical jump by around six inches over the next 6 months. For someone who's advanced, (training for more than 2 years), training can get you somewhere around 4 more inches on your vert.

What happens if you do squats everyday? ›

Squatting every day will undoubtedly ramp up the amount of volume that you're putting on certain muscle groups. This will in turn allow you to steadily progress in your training while getting through any plateaus you might hit.

How long does it take to see results from squats? ›

Without weights, the more squats, the better. If you complete three sets of 12 reps three times a week alongside cardio, you should start to see results after two to three weeks.

Do squats increase testosterone? ›

In fact squats are so intense that they trigger the release of testosterone and HGH (human growth hormone) in your body, which are both vital for muscle growth and helping to improve muscle mass throughout other areas of your body aside from your legs.

Do calf raises improve vertical? ›

Doing calf raises will definitely improve your vertical jump. However, knowing that your calves counts between 10 to 20% in your vertical, doing hundreds of repetitions of calf raises won't do you any good. As a consequence calf raises should be part of your workout but only secondary.

Can anyone get a 40 inch vertical? ›

Yes, you can. It will take a long time though. But, the best exercise for jumping, is jumping. The more you jump, the better you will get at it.

Is it possible to add 5 inches to your vertical? ›

Some of the results have been incredible. I had two athletes put 5 inches on their vertical in 2-3 weeks. After the athletes have the basic ankle rocker down and single leg squats, we move into the following workout. The first exercise is what we call an ankle rocker pop.

How fast can you add inches to your vertical? ›

If you're intermediate (have trained for 1-2 years), you can realistically increase your vertical jump by around six inches over the next 6 months. For someone who's advanced, (training for more than 2 years), training can get you somewhere around 4 more inches on your vert.

Can you actually increase your vertical? ›

As long as you increase your power-to-weight ratio and have efficient flexibility to get into the proper position to jump, then your vertical jump will increase. There are many variations of exercises and programs that can help you achieve those goals. The secret is picking a program and consistently sticking to it.

How can I improve my vertical in a week? ›

Box Jump
  1. Stand with your feet hip-width apart in front of a box.
  2. Quickly move into a quarter squat and swing your arms back.
  3. Without pausing, explode up and jump onto the box.
  4. Land softly on flat feet.
  5. Step down and repeat.
  6. This is normally done five to ten times in a session.

How can I increase my vertical jump at home without weights? ›

Swing your arms behind you and lower your hips toward the ground. Stop when your hamstrings are parallel to the floor. Push through your heels and swing your arms overhead while jumping as high as possible. Land softly on the middle of your feet, then slowly shift your weight onto your heels.

Do squats help jump higher? ›

But, does the squat make you jump higher? Yes, building strength in the squat has been shown to increase vertical jump performance by 12.4% after only 8-weeks of squat training. When comparing the squat with other lower body exercises, such as the leg press, the squat is 3.5X more effective in increasing jump results.

Has anyone ever had a 50 inch vertical? ›

Volleyball player Leonel Marshall reportedly has a 50" (127 cm) vertical leap from standing.

Does anyone have a 60 inch vert? ›

The 6-foot-7 athlete stared down a 60-inch platform. Clarke took two steps then leapt five feet into the air to complete the box jump. Even he was shocked he jumped that high.

Can everyone get a 30 inch vert? ›

The truth is your genetics do dictate your potential to jump. Muscle fiber type and CNS efficiency are just two examples of traits that will ultimately determine how high you can jump, both of which are nearly impossible to see just by looking at someone. Not everyone can have a 30 inch vertical, much less a 40 or 50.


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