SE Rank vs. SEMrush: Which SEO Tool is Best for Beginners? (2023)

Wondering which is a better SEO tool between SE Ranking and SEMrush? This SE vs. SEMrush's comparison article will compare the top features and prices of each of these tools to help you choose the best SEO tool as a beginner.

SE Ranking and SEMRush are the two most trusted, holistic SEO tools on the market. Both softwares offer a 360-degree view of your SEO plan and help improve it.

Let's start the comparison betweenSE ratingandSEMrush.


  • SE Rank vs. SEMrush: A Quick Overview
  • SE Rank vs. SEMrush: Ease of Use Comparison
    • SE rating Ease of use
    • SEMrush Ease of use
  • SE Rank vs. SEMrush: Unique Features Comparison
  • Unique features of SEMrush
    • Content management
    • Social Media Marketing med SEMRush
  • SE Rank Unique features
    • Tracking function for page changes
    • Marketing plan
  • SE Rank vs. SEMrush: Price Comparison
    • SEE Ranking pricing
    • SEMrush Awards

SE Rank vs. SEMrush: A Quick Overview

SE Ranking and SEMrush are both a one-stop destination for all your SEO needs. From finding relevant high value keywords, performing backlink analysis, competitor research to auditing your website, both are effective.

SEMrush has a set of powerful SEO tools that allow you to analyze your competitors and refine your SEO strategy. Some of the unique features offered by SEMrush are the SEO writing assistant that allows you to improve your pitch, the link builder that automates your outreach strategy, the post management tool that helps you manage all your local business profiles using a dashboard control.

On the other hand, SE Ranking helps you create an SEO plan for your website from scratch. Some of the unique features that SE Rank offers are page change tracking which allows you to track changes made to your site before search engines index them, companies can assign tasks to team members directly from the platform instead of they use a separate CRM, the SEO reporting tool that allows SEO companies to create powerful and UX-friendly reports in various formats.

SE Rank vs. SEMrush: Ease of Use Comparison

The SE rank is quite easy to use. All you have to do is enter your website URL or a target keyword and you're good to go. While SEMRush is a bit complicated in terms of ease of use. You may need to spend some time reading "How to use SEMrush" before you can reap the benefits of the tool.

Let's understand the ease of use by runningkeyword researchon both tools.

SE rating Ease of use

Trin 1:VisitSE rating

SE Rank vs. SEMrush: Which SEO Tool is Best for Beginners? (1)

Trin 2: Click on keyword research from the top menu bar. Then add your seed keyword and choose a location. In the example below, I searched for "project management" and selected "USA" as the location.

The tool shows instant results in terms of SEO difficulty, search volume, CPC and competition. Additionally, it displays results related to keyword relevance. It has been further divided into three categories of similar keywords, related keywords and low search keywords so that you can plan your keyword strategies accordingly.

Quarter 3:After scrolling down, you will find the top SERP results for your target keywords. With this detail, you now know who you are competing with for your desired keyword.

SE Rank vs. SEMrush: Which SEO Tool is Best for Beginners? (2)

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SEMrush Ease of use

Trin 1:VisitSEMrush

Trin 2:Log in to your SEMrush account or create one (if you don't have one).

Quarter 3:Enter a broad keyword related to your business, select a location and hit the search button. It will then display relevant keywords, search volume, SEO difficulty, competition and CPC.

SE Rank vs. SEMrush: Which SEO Tool is Best for Beginners? (3)

SEMrush shows the PPC keywords your competitors are bidding on. Keyword types are divided into three categories: broad match, phrase match, and exact match.

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Winner:The SE ranking is best for beginners because it provides clear information in an easy-to-understand manner. It also provides free access to the entire tool for 14 days. While SEMRush claims to offer a 7-day free trial, it requires credit card information to get started. Newbie SEOs often don't bring credit or debit cards with them when they start their domain. Even I didn't have a debit card when I was a fresher SEO.

SE Rank vs. SEMrush: Unique Features Comparison

This is the best part of the SE vs. The SEMrush comparison. Each tool is unique in its own ways. Each tool has a different kind of offering that makes it better than others. Let us briefly understand various unique features of SEMRush and SE ranking.

Unique features of SEMrush

SEMRush has several unique features such as content management and social media management. This helps analyze your site's content and provides information about which blog posts you want to remove or edit. It also tells you the quality of the content.

SE Rank vs. SEMrush: Which SEO Tool is Best for Beginners? (4)

Content management

SEMRush's content management feature makes it easy for you to find a topic, create a content plan, write an article, and optimize and analyze the article. It allows you to measure the impact of your content and how easy it is to revise and improve it.

SEO writing assistant is the starliner service that the tool offers. It helps you check the readability, tone, SEO score and uniqueness of the content. It gives your content a score between 0-10. Try to get a number closer to 10.

SE Rank vs. SEMrush: Which SEO Tool is Best for Beginners? (5)

In addition, SEMrush shows you the semantically relevant keywords that you should add to your content. It also shows which sites to target to get backlinks. These things help increase your chances of reaching the top of SERP results.

SE Rank vs. SEMrush: Which SEO Tool is Best for Beginners? (6)

Social Media Marketing med SEMRush

This feature helps you monitor and improve the performance of all your social media profiles. It supports all major social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, GMB and LinkedIn.

Here are some of the things you can do with the SEMrush social media marketing tool:

  • Schedule and post to multiple accounts at once.
SE Rank vs. SEMrush: Which SEO Tool is Best for Beginners? (7)
  • Check how your social media posts are performing.
  • See how often your competitors are posting.
  • Check if your competitors followers are growing or not.
  • Determine which type of posts and hashtags generate the most engagement.
  • Create, launch and manage Facebook and Instagram ads.

Note: SE Ranking also has a social media management tool, but with different functionality that allows you to find the best time to engage with your followers.

SE Rank Unique features

What makes SE Ranking stand out from SEMrush is its page change tracking, Top 100 SERP control, and marketing plan.

Tracking function for page changes

One of the best features that SE Rank has that SEMrush lacks is the ability to track page changes. It notifies you whenever a change is made to any of your monitored websites. This type of intelligent tracking allows you to correct any changes that may negatively affect your site's ranking in organic search results.

Marketing plan

For beginners or professional marketers who don't have enough time to create a marketing plan, SEMrush can help you create one. It provides a comprehensive strategy consisting of an SEO checklist, including SEO best practices.

It also has a dashboard that shows your progress. The more tasks you complete, the better your position on the first page of search results.

SE Rank vs. SEMrush: Which SEO Tool is Best for Beginners? (8)

Winner- SEMrush is the winner in my opinion. SEMrush provides detailed information to help you rank your content higher. Also, the social media management tool is much more powerful.

SE Rank vs. SEMrush: Price Comparison

Comparison between SE Ranking vs. SEMrush wouldn't be complete if I didn't compare the prices of each.

Now that you know what makes SE Ranking and SEMrush different from each other, let's take a look at how much each tool costs.

SEE Ranking pricing

The SE rank has a number of price plans:

  • Optimal: $39/month. It is ideal for entrepreneurs and freelancers who have just created their website.
  • Plus: $89/month. It is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses with a good online presence.
  • Business: $189/month. It is ideal for agencies and companies with a strong online presence.

Note: You can get a 5% discount on the above prices when you choose a quarterly subscription, a 10% discount when you choose a 6-month subscription, a 15% discount when you pay for a 9-month subscription period, and a 20% discount when you choose the annual subscription.

SE Rank vs. SEMrush: Which SEO Tool is Best for Beginners? (9)
SE Rank vs. SEMrush: Which SEO Tool is Best for Beginners? (10)

It's worth mentioning that SE Ranking also offers a 14-day free trial.

SEMrush Awards

SEMrush is a freemium tool, meaning you can use it for free for life. However, the functions are very limited. For example, you can only create 10 reports per day using your free account. Therefore, it is recommended to use a paid version of the tool.

SEMrush has three pricing plans:

  • Advantage:$99.95/month. It is ideal for freelancers, startups and in-house marketers.
  • Guru:$199.95/month. It's ideal for small and medium-sized businesses and fast-growing marketing businesses.
  • Business:$399.95/mo. It is ideal for large companies with a huge online presence.
SE Rank vs. SEMrush: Which SEO Tool is Best for Beginners? (11)

Winner:I think the SE rank is a winner. It is more affordable than SEMrush and has almost all the features you need to optimize your website for search engines.

Final verdict: SE ratings vs. SEMrush – What is the best SEO tool for beginners?

Considering the possibilities offered by SE Ranking vs. SEMrush, and the price they are available at, I think SE Ranking is a winner. There is no doubt that SEMrush is a great tool, but you will need to have a high budget to get your hands on the basic features of the software. Have you used any of the tools? How was your experience? Tell me in the comments!


SE Rank vs. SEMrush: Which SEO Tool is Best for Beginners? ›

SEMrush takes the lead in traditional analytics, providing a greater number of filters and tools. But SE Ranking is better for highlighting subtle details like SERP snippets. It will be more useful for small businesses that have to look for unique ways to grow in a highly competitive market.

Is SEMrush better than SE Ranking? ›

Semrush appears unbeatable with over 43 trillion backlinks and 1.6 billion referring domains in its database. But SE Ranking is keeping up, regularly crawling over 220 million domains. Besides, it offers more features for in-depth link analysis with additional tools that can help improve backlink profiles.

Is SEMrush the best SEO tool? ›

SEMrush and Moz are the two top-notch SEO tools in the digital industry that help perform competitive analysis, keyword research, and overall search engine optimization.

Is SEMrush keyword difficulty accurate? ›

Semrush's KD is the most accurate on the market because it has the most accurate correlations with backlink profile strength and keyword parameters. Semrush's KD performs accurately across different regions and databases. Semrush's KD works especially well for long-tail and local keywords.

What is better then SEMrush? ›

SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite is an all-in-one SEO tool that is also one of the main Semrush alternatives and it is consistently ranked among the G2 leaders in SEO software. Users appreciate the ability to automate, customize, and brand their SEO reports.

Do you really need SEMrush? ›

Is SEMrush trustworthy? SEMrush is generally considered a trustworthy and reliable tool in the SEO and digital marketing industry. It has gained a solid reputation over the years and is widely used by professionals for various SEO and digital marketing tasks. Simply put, yes, SEMrush is trustworthy.

Is SEMrush Russian owned? ›

Shchegolev founded Semrush in 2008 with his childhood friend Dmitry Melnikov, who left the company last year but still sits on the board. The duo relocated the company from Russia to the U.S. in 2017. At the end of last year, Semrush had 1,316 full-time employees, including 242 in the U.S.

Which SEO tool is most accurate? ›

18 Best SEO Tools that SEO Experts Actually Use in 2022
  • Ahrefs: SEO Keyword Tool.
  • Google Search Console: Top SEO Tool.
  • SEMRush: Marketing SEO Tools.
  • KWFinder: SEO Keyword Tool.
  • Moz Pro: SEO Software.
  • Ubersuggest: Keyword Tracking Tool.
  • Answer The Public: Free SEO Tools.
  • SpyFu: Free SEO Tools.
Mar 18, 2022

What is the best SEO tool to use? ›

10 best SEO tools for 2023
  • Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Level: Beginner through to advanced. ...
  • Clearscope. Level: All levels. ...
  • Semrush. Level: Intermediate through to advanced. ...
  • Ahrefs. Level: Advanced. ...
  • Moz. Level: Beginner through to intermediate. ...
  • Surfer SEO. Level: All levels. ...
  • SE Ranking. Level: All levels. ...
  • WooRank.

Which keyword tool is most accurate? ›

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a simple keyword tool option serving up a few basic features. Despite the lack of functionality, however, it's one of the most accurate sources of keyword data on the market.

How many keywords should I use for SEO? ›

Aim for one to four keywords around a single topic per page. Use those keywords and their reworded variations in your content and header tags. It's easier for pages to rank if they focus on one topic because there is limited space in the title and meta description tags, and you won't be able to fit all of them.

How accurate is SEMrush? ›

It analyses your website's traffic and keyword trends. It's not 100% accurate, but it's the perfect tool for starting research. Similarly, Keyword Hero shows you which keyword trends affect your traffic and which ones aren't. So, if you're unsure about which one to use, SEMrush may be the right choice for you.

Is the SE ranking accurate? ›

High-quality data. We found SE Ranking's data to be more reliable than industry-leading competitors in our tests. It was able to find more backlinks and keywords than other similar platforms and provided more accurate data.

What companies use SEMrush? ›

Customers of SEMrush
CustomersEmployee RangeCountry
Amazon10,000+United States
Samsung Electronics Co10,000+Korea
Cox Automotive10,000+United States
International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)10,000+United States
6 more rows

How much is SEMrush per month? ›

Semrush Pricing Overview
Free$0.00Per Month
Pro$129.95Per Month
Guru$249.95Per Month
Business$499.95Per Month
1 more row

Is the SE Ranking accurate? ›

High-quality data. We found SE Ranking's data to be more reliable than industry-leading competitors in our tests. It was able to find more backlinks and keywords than other similar platforms and provided more accurate data.

Why is SEMrush is better than Google Analytics? ›

The biggest difference between Semrush and Google Analytics is that Google Analytics gives you insights about the performance of your own website and user behavior, and Semrush provides insights about all websites. Semrush also offers additional features and tools to improve your SEO and website traffic.

What is the difference between SEO and SE? ›

The main difference is that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is focused on optimizing a website in order to get traffic from organic search results. On the other hand, the goal of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is to get traffic and visibility from both organic and paid search.

Is SEMrush or SimilarWeb more accurate? ›

The accuracy of SimilarWeb and SEMrush is similar. SEMrush showed better results for medium-sized websites.


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