Patio Lighting Ideas | How to light an outdoor patio in Lumens (2023)

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We're highlighting some of our favorite patio lighting ideas to make the most of your outdoor spaces...

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Good lighting is a necessary condition for outdoor spaces to feel welcoming, safe and secure.

Safety is crucial considering dark outdoor areas can be obstacle courses designed to twist ankles and snap wrists. And when it comes to security, properly lit outdoor areas make your home less of a crime target.

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  • Entertainment Rooms:Well-lit patios, decks, and balconies can transform a larger outdoor space for more enjoyment. Dining tables, seating areas, and fire pits are also included in this area.
  • Security rooms:Look for edges between landscape areas, such as B. a patio edge and grass, and rooms where the height changes, such as. B. Stairs and decks.
  • Security rooms:Front and back doors, side yards, driveways and mailboxes are areas to consider.

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Think about how the space will be used and plan theoutdoor lightingaround that. Draw your lighting and remember the importance of layers of light to get the right effect and create spaces for different uses.

entertainment rooms

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This is the densest and most decorative of your outdoor spaces. The most exciting new developments in lighting design also happen here. look at everythingoutdoor trailerATable and floor lamps. The range of outdoor lighting fixtures is growing exponentially, with more types and styles than ever before.

The key here is getting enough light without going overboard.You don't need the same brightness outside as inside. In fact, too much lighting can be detrimental to the enjoyment of your outdoor space. When he moves from a bright room to a dark room, his eyes widen to let in more light. Bright light or glare will reverse this and make it difficult to see in a nighttime environment.

Glare is defined as bright or blinding light. For our purposes, it can easily be defined as any exposed light source that would cause you to squint. It's best to avoid exposed light sources beyond old-style incandescent bulbs.

The trick to a well-lit outdoor patio is to direct the light exactly where you need it. When it comes to mood lighting, overhead lighting is a great option, whether it's outdoor pendant lights or even string lights. A good, sturdy string of zigzag lights over a dining or entertainment area will provide soft general lighting and create an atmosphere like that of a French cafe or an Italian piazza.

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wall lightsThey can also add a fun vibe to the environment. A visually striking sconce can serve as wall art, especially when juxtaposed with other pieces that stand out in low light. Be sure to use lights that face up/down and cast light on the ground, not lights that point into space. This type of fixture alone serves only a space of limited depth. So while it's apt to define the boundaries of your outdoor space with deep patios and decks, consider incorporating other lights to spread the light evenly.

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If a fan is needed, there are plenty of themOutdoor fans with lightsAlso. This is perfect for environments where temperatures don't drop at night. Note, however, that the fans may not offer the most aesthetically pleasing lighting options.

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For covered patio areas, you can opt for outdoor pendant lights, recessed ceiling lights, or evenrecessed lights. Make sure you choose lights that are suitable for outdoor use and connect them to a dimmer so you can control the light output.

However, when it comes to task lighting, turn up the dimmer. Common outdoor activities like gaming or grilling require brighter, more direct lighting. For common areas where you can play or read, be sure to specify ceiling lights with enough wattage for work or play.

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If the ceiling is not an option, portable table or floor lamps can also be the solution. There is a growing range of beautiful rechargeable table lamps that will keep you entertained for hours. Ready-to-plug floor lamps are also becoming increasingly popular outdoors and ensure an elegant high-end look. For specific tasks like grilling, look for specific accessories such asGrill lighterto give you exactly the light you need.

To complete your layers of light in an outdoor entertainment area, think of accent lighting. This is more than just aesthetics. Low accent lights are perfect for defining areas and highlighting places where a misstep can occur. Small patio and step lights are perfect for highlighting stairs or defining a border. This is where you can also expand outside of the patio and into landscape lighting if needed. Spot and flood lights can create visual awe and expand your entertaining area to the entire patio.

security rooms

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A well-designed outdoor area explains the ignorance of your guests. While you might be able to walk around your garden blindfolded, guests probably won't. To highlight potential hazards, environmentlandscape lightingit is optimal. Lighting trees or hedges is a great way to increase the overall light in the room while also creating easily identifiable boundaries.

From there, focused task lighting can provide safe illumination of faucets, electrical switches, and any other type of landscape control.Step or deck lightsPlaced on a technical component, it can be a lifesaver in hectic situations.

Accent lighting is probably the most critical category in this space. Good accent lighting can create or destroy a sense of security. Elevation changes like stairs or curbs can be tricky. passing lights,Street lightingjbollardhelp us move around outdoors with ease and safety. Make sure these light sources are close to the ground to focus the light where it's needed and avoid creating glare.

security rooms

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Finally, there is the question of the security of your outdoor space. While a good security system is key, good outdoor lighting can expand your safe area and provide that system with extra protection.

Gathering spaces like front doors, side doors, or hallways—anywhere you need to stop and look for keys—should have adequate ambient lighting. You can achieve this with well-placed wall lights or ceiling lights. Floodlighting can also be used for extreme cases, but it's generally a more aggressive style of lighting that will blind anyone on the receiving end.

Places outside the home that can be entered regularly at night should have easily accessible lighting. A garbage and recycling bin storage area is a great example of a space where a good wall light can add a measure of comfort and safety. For rooms that are not necessarily used regularly, lighting with motion or photo sensors is a good idea.

Motion and photo sensors are great energy saving additions to any outdoor lighting. Motion sensors can be built into a light or, more elegantly, added to a circuit so that any device can be used. In more occupied spaces, a photo sensor, often referred to as a photocell, turns the light on and off as the sky changes, so you don't have to flip that switch twice a day.

Huge floodlights can be effective at making an impact, but strategically placed accent lighting can be more effective at keeping unwanted visitors at bay. Larger features like trees, shrubs, and accent walls can benefit greatly from the additional landscape lighting and solid surfaces. Not only does it make your room look good, it extends the line of sight further into your space and keeps any unwanted people from sneaking around.

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