Navy Uniform Regulations 2022 - Children's Military Operation (2023)

The Navy has a long and colorful history, and the uniforms worn by its sailors and commanders are a big part of that history.

Although the Navy has had to adapt its uniforms to changing strategic and work environments over the years, naval uniforms still retain many of the old traditions in style and functionality.

Like other branches of the ministry,like the army, the Navy has three main uniforms that it uses.

These include the Navy service uniform, the Navy dress uniform, and the Navy duty uniform.

Of course, there are other types of naval uniforms that are specific to the job, such as: B. Flight suits fornavy pilots.

The most common types of Navy uniforms are described here.

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The Navy work uniform is their version of camouflage uniforms.

They are worn by Navy personnel in a variety of jobs and when deployed in the field or aboard ship.

Navy duty uniforms are authorized for use on commute trips, associated stops, and for all Navy duties during assigned work hours.

This uniform is not permitted outside of normal business hours.

Consumption of alcoholic beverages while wearing this uniform is also strictly prohibited.

Colour selection

There are different versions of the Navy work uniform.

Color options depend on the specific type of work Navy personnel perform.

For example; When working aboard a ship, blue camouflage uniforms are often the required work attire.

In desert environments, a tan camouflage uniform is preferred, and so on.

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The cap chosen for this uniform is what is known as the 8-pointed cap. It is shaped like a crown at the top with a baseball cap style brim.

The cap must match the overall color of the work clothing worn.

The cap must be worn directly on the head with the brim straight and worn just above eye level and parallel to the canopy.

Rank insignia are never worn on the eight point cap.


The Navy duty uniform shirt is a Type III mandarin collar shirt.

As mentioned, this shirt can come in many different camo color patterns.

Must match pants and other uniform items.

The normal way to wear the shirt is outside the waistband of the work uniform pants. The collar is always worn flat and is secured with velcro unless otherwise noted.

The sleeves are fully extended and attached to the cuff. Sleeves may be rolled up if approved by commanders for hot weather and other work scenarios.

The ending point when rolling up the sleeves is about 2 inches above the elbow. All buttons and zippers must be securely fastened at all times.

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The shirt is a fixed crew neck made of 100% cotton.


The navy work uniform pants also have a camouflage pattern.

Pants for the work uniform are Type III pants, which have an elasticated waist and drawstrings at the bottom of the pant legs.

They must match the shirt with which they are worn and other components of the uniform.

Navy duty uniforms are worn fully buttoned around the waist with the belt buckle centered on the front of the pants.

Pant legs must be smoothed with attached drawstrings or blouse ties such that the top three rows of boot buttonholes are covered.

Undergarments must never be visible when work clothes are worn properly.


Standard footwear with the Navy work uniform are 9-inch safety boots.

They are usually black in color, but there are exceptions in the field or in unusual work environments.

The black work uniform boots are expected to be polished and groomed at all times.

You don't need to polish your work shoes to a different color, but you do need to take care of them.


The belt is made of plain or woven fabric and must match the predominant color of the work clothes.

Men and women must wear the belt with the snap to the LEFT of the buckle.

badges and badges

Very few insignia are allowed to be worn on this uniform, and insignia are rarely allowed.

Each Navy rank has specific guidelines for Navy duty uniform insignia.

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Alternative Navy Work Uniform

There is an alternate Navy work uniform used for select jobs.

This is a jumpsuit type uniform.

The same use restrictions apply as for normal work clothes.

It is used primarily by people in practical mechanical work environments and ship maintenance positions.

This alternate uniform is similar in style to the Navy service uniform and is worn in the same manner as that uniform.

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The Navy service uniform can be worn for tasks such as administrative work, guard duty, liberty, shore business, and as a day uniform when required by commanders.

The Navy service uniform comes in two different colors.

They are khaki with blue for most soldiers and all khaki or summer white for officers and NCOs.


The standard cap for enlisted men and women when wearing the service uniform is the garrison cap.

This cap is easy to fold and maintain, which makes it so popular.

It should be worn directly on the head with the front and back creases centered vertically between the eyebrows.

At its lowest point, the cap should be about 1 inch (2.5 cm) above the eyebrows.

Officers and NCOs have the option of wearing a military-style cap.


Most members of the Navy wear khaki shirts with the service uniform.

The exception is officers and NCOs who wear white summer uniforms.

The shirt must always be tucked into the pants.

It should be long enough to be tucked into the pants, even when pulled over the head or folded at the waist.

All buttons must remain closed at all times.

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The color of the jersey worn with the service uniform must be white.

It must be a crew neck T-shirt, not a V-neck T-shirt.

When the uniform is worn correctly, only the top color of the jersey is visible.


Pants must match the color of the uniform worn.

For example, khaki pants must be worn with khaki shirts and uniforms.

White pants are worn with white shirts.

The only exception is ranks E-6 and below who wear blue/black pants with the khaki shirt.

All pants zippers and buttons must be buttoned or buttoned at all times.

The top of the pants should fit snugly around the hips.

Pants must be worn hanging approximately 2 inches off the ground at the back of the shoe.

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Male officers and enlisted men wear black or white oxford-style shoes with the appropriate service uniform.

These need to be polished and maintained.

Women of all ranks have the option of wearing low-heeled shoes with their service uniforms.


The belt is made of regular cloth or woven material and must be the same color as the uniform.

Men must wear the belt with the clip to the left of the buckle.

Unlike the work uniform, women wear the belt with the clip to the right of the buckle.

badges and badges

Badges and insignia are permitted on the Navy service uniform.

any rangeand the service uniform type has specific guidelines for the manner in which the insignia and insignia are to be worn.

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The Navy, like other branches of the military, has a specific uniform that each member wears to more important or formal events.

Navy blue is normally worn by all Navy personnel on formal occasions, but officers and petty officers may choose to wear white sundresses at the appropriate time of year.


Officers and chief petty officers wear a military-style cap with their blue dress.

Incorporated members wear the traditional soft white navy hat with rounded peaks and full-length stitched brims.

The edge should always be used in a vertical position.


Women wear a single-breasted jacket and men a double-breasted jacket.

All coat buttons must remain buttoned at all times when the coat is worn.

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Sweater shirt

A white dress shirt is the only shirt that is allowed to be worn with blue dresses.

All buttons, including collar and sleeve buttons, must be closed at all times.

Registered ranks of E-6 and below wear a sweater-style shirt without a jacket for formal occasions.

The sweater is usually blue, but it can be white for less formal occasions.

Sweaters are worn open and hang straight at the sides.

Sleeves must be buttoned in such a way that the bottom edge of the cuff, which is always buttoned, covers the wrist bone when the elbow is bent and the arm is vertical in front of the body.


The undershirt is not visible when the uniform is worn correctly, so color should not be an issue.


The color of the pants on the navy uniform always matches the color of the jacket or sweater worn.


Clean and polished black dress shoes are always worn with any naval uniform. White shoes are worn with the white uniform.


The belt is black and made of plain cloth or webbing.

Men must wear the belt with the clasp to the LEFT of the buckle.

Women wear the belt with the clasp to the RIGHT of the buckle.

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The ties worn with the Navy dress uniform are black.

They should be tied with a traditional Windsor or half Windsor knot.

When tied correctly, the bottom of the tie should be 1 inch above the belt.

Ties are not worn with the high-collared navy blue dress white uniform.

Registered members who are E-6 or less wear black bandanas with dress uniform.

These should be folded diagonally from corner to corner, and then rolled together continuously.

The rolled handkerchief should then be tied in a large square knot at the bottom of the V-neck opening of the shirt.

Always make sure the top of the knot is even with the opening of the collar.

badges and badges

All badges and insignia can be worn with all types of naval uniform.

There are strict guidelines for each style of uniform as to how the badges and insignia should be worn.

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frequent questions

What organization within the Navy is responsible for maintaining uniform regulations?

The Chief of Naval Operations is responsible for maintaining and updating all naval regulations. The United States Navy Uniform Regulations, NAVPERS 15665I, detail the guidelines for naval uniforms.

Can earrings be worn in the Navy?

Only women can wear earrings in uniform and only small ball earrings. Enrolled women under E-6 may wear Silver with NWU and Service Dress. CPOs and officers wear gold. White pearls and diamonds are allowed with Dress White or Blue.

What is the Navy Service Uniform?

The Navy service uniform is suitable for office work and shore-based business and is permitted on Liberty. It is available in khaki for soldiers or khaki or white for officers, and is similar to civilian business attire.

What is the Navy work uniform?

The Navy Work Uniform (NWU) is similar to the camouflage of other branches. It is approved for both work and travel stops. You are not allowed to use the NWU outside of normal office hours.

When can I wear a naval uniform?

Navy blues or whites are suitable for formal occasions like ceremonies and official occasions. Nicknamed "crackerjacks" after the popcorn snack, the distinctive sweater is only worn by junior E-6 crews. Officers and chief petty officers may wear white clothing in the summer.

In August 1791, the first guidelines for distinctive dress in the Navy were established.

These regulations initially applied only to officers, but eventually became standard for enlisted personnel as well.

The official colors of the navy, blue and gold, date from 1802.

It was at this point that the Secretary of the Navy signed instructions specifying the Navy pattern for clothing for the first time.

The Navy has long been known for its unique battering style in some of its seafarers' service uniforms.

Many people believe that this was done to give these sailor uniforms a very specific look, but this is not the case at all.

The original intent with Navy service uniforms and flared pants was to make them easier to roll up when a sailor was cleaning the deck or performing other duties on board.

Many aspects of the Navy uniform and insignia are not something that has manifested itself over time.

In fact, the Navy has used many British naval traditions as guidelines.

A good example of this is the Navy's "Fouled Anchor" insignia.

Before the US Navy used this badge, it was the official seal of Lord Howard of Effingham.

He was the British Lord Admiral whose planning and execution were instrumental in the defeat of the powerful Spanish Armada Armada in 1588.

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Learn about the different types of naval uniforms, including the duty uniform, service uniform, and dress blue.

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What is the new Navy Uniform Regulation 2022? ›

Sailors will start receiving a new two-piece, flame retardant uniform billed as the “primary at-sea” option before the end of 2022.

What is US Navy Regulations Article 1161? ›

U.S. Navy Regulations article 1161 applies: a. Clothing which is sold or issued by the United States to any person in the naval service shall not be sold, bartered, exchanged, pledged, loaned or given away, except as authorized by proper authority.

What is Navpers 156651? ›

NAVPERS 15665I - Navy Uniform Regulations governs most aspects of grooming and uniform regulations and standards. Of interest to Sailors on, the uniform manual has sections for Chief, female and male, and enlisted, female and male.

What is the new Navy uniform policy? ›

The Navy is introducing several uniform changes in 2023 — including a new, lightweight safety boot and adjustments to the maternity service dress blue coat. The changes come as the Navy is starting to distribute a new two-piece, flame-retardant uniform billed as the “primary at-sea” option for sailors.

Why is the Navy getting rid of blue cammies? ›

The blue uniforms are being phased out partly because of sailors' complaints, former Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus said in an August statement. “(Sailors) want uniforms that are comfortable, lightweight, breathable … and they want fewer of them,” he said.

What Navy uniforms are authorized year round? ›

The Navy Service Uniform is a Khaki, short-sleeved shirt worn with a plain-white-T shirt under it and with dark navy blue pants. They will be worn year round and are authorized for every cadet to wear.

What is Article 1022 Navy Regulations? ›

1022. Delegation of Authority. The delegation of authority and the issuance of orders and instructions by a psrsam in the maval service shall not relieve such person from any responsibility imposed upun him or her.

What is Navy Regulations 1132? ›

1132 Compliance With LAwful Orders. All persons in the naval service sre required to obey readily and strictly, and to execute promptIy, the lawful orders of their superiors.

What is Article 1131 of the US Navy Regulations? ›

Para 1131 “All commanding officers and others in authority in the naval service are required to show in themselves a good example of virtue, honor, patriotism and subordination… to promote and safeguard the morale, the physical well-being and the general welfare of the officers and enlisted persons under their command ...

What is Navadmin 124 22? ›

Retired Male Sailor Uniform Grooming Standards. Effective immediately, retired male Sailors are authorized to have facial hair (beard) when wearing Navy uniforms during authorized ceremonial events. Facial hair must be neatly groomed and be in keeping with a professional appearance.

What is the current Navy dress uniform? ›

The Service Dress Blue (SDB) uniform consists of a dark navy blue suit coat and trousers (or optional skirt for women) that are nearly black in color, a white shirt, and a black four-in-hand necktie for men or a neck tab for women. The material is generally wool or a wool blend, depending on the vendor.

Did the Navy get rid of the blue uniforms? ›

Beginning Tuesday, the blue uniforms frequently referred to by sailors as “blueberries” can no longer be worn on the job. Instead, sailors will wear a green camouflage that's long been used by Navy expeditionary forces, like SEALs and explosive ordnance disposal units. The blue has been worn since 2008.

Is the Navy allowed to wear cammies off base? ›

Personnel shall not wear military uniforms on liberty when off a U.S. military compound. Military uniforms, to include the Navy PT Uniform, will not be worn in public or in the public areas of hotels or commercial establishments unless on official business or specifically authorized by COMUSNAVCENT. (1) General.


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