How to sleep with new piercings in both ears? (Easy guide in 2023) (2023)

Getting a new ear piercing is an exciting adventure, as is choosing new jewelry for your piercing. In general, you should avoid wearing earrings to bed as they can get caught in bed linen or hair.

However, when you get a new piercing, you must always leave the studs in so the new hole doesn't close up. This means you may have to sleep with the earrings on until the piercing is fully healed.

While this is the best way to keep your earring holes open, it can be damaging if you're not careful. If the earrings get caught in the bedding, the piercing may end up breaking.

Sometimes it can be bad enough to send you to the hospital. Read on to learn how to sleep with new piercings in both ears.

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Can you sleep with newly pierced ears?

Yes, you can sleep with freshly pierced ears. Once you get a new piercing, they usually always come with hypoallergenic earrings so they can stay in for several weeks while the piercing heals.

Never remove new piercings, even when you go to sleep. This will prevent the basement from closing and prevent infection or allergies.

However, sleeping right after the piercing can become quite uncomfortable. Keep in mind that sleeping on your newly pierced ears night after night can cause some problems during the healing process. Sleeping in earrings for a long period of time can cause the bridge to move or the angles of your earrings to change. Unfortunately, this can scar or tear the earring hole.

In addition, this can also cause various problems when you want to exchange your earrings for a newer pair. Once the angle changes, it can be difficult to find an earring that lays flat. For this reason, it's best to use a travel pillow when you sleep to protect your piercings.

In general, you should never sleep on your piercings.

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Did you sleep with earrings on when you first got pierced?

new piercingsThey close rather quickly. If you have just gotten your ears pierced, it is necessary to save your first pair of earrings for a while. There's this idea that if you create a new hole in your ear, your body will respond by trying to heal it, repairing torn tissue in the process. That being said, you should always leave your earrings in when you're getting your first piercing, even when you're sleeping.

The speed at which piercings heal varies from person to person and may depend on the piercing you get. Your earlobes often take 6-8 weeks to heal, while your cartilage takes around 12 weeks to heal successfully. Therefore, earrings should not be removed until the earring holes have completely healed.(If you want to know how long to change earrings after ear piercing? This detailed post is just for you!)

Nevertheless, there is a chance that earring holes will partially or completely heal overnight. Even if your piercings remain open, you should not remove or attempt to replace your earrings. This way you avoid introducing bacteria into the piercing. When you first get your piercing, you shouldn't be without your earrings for more than a day.

It is best to wash your new piercings with unscented soap and water. As another option, you can use the detergent your piercer gave you to clean your piercing. You can also apply triple antibiotic ointment with a cotton swab for the first three days and then start using petroleum jelly for a smooth healing process.

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When can I sleep on my side after new piercings?

The answer is simple. You can sleep on your side after new piercings if it's comfortable. Try to be guided by your piercing.

It can usually last anywhere from three days to a couple of months, but that entirely depends on how quickly your body heals.

If you must sleep on your side, you can always use a neck pillow to ensure neck comfort. If that doesn't sound too convenient for you, you can decide to get creative.

In general, remember to make sure your linens stay clean and fresh. The t-shirt trick would be a life saver in this case. All you have to do is get some white t-shirts and then use them as pillowcases.

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When can I sleep on my cartilage piercing?

Remember that we said cartilage piercings can take up to 12 months to heal successfully. However, you can sleep on the cartilage piercing from 4 to 12 months.

Cartilage piercings tend to heal from the outside in, so the healing process takes a while.

Even if your cartilage piercing appears to have healed, you should wait until you're sure it's fully healed before applying pressure.

If you choose to sleep on your cartilage piercing, consider sleeping on your back. This way you won't manipulate the incision as much since there will be less twisting and turning.

However, if you choose to sleep on your stomach or side, it may take some getting used to.

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How can you sleep with new piercings in both ears?

First, you should always clean your new piercing right before bed. Make sure to tighten the earring so your earring doesn't come off when you sleep.

Daily cleaning of the piercing is very beneficial as it allows the earrings to move freely within the incision and prevents the skin from drying out.

Next, you shouldn't sleep on the piercing, and you might want to tie your hair back so it doesn't get caught in the piercing. Also, you better research sleeping positions after a new piercing.

This allows you to practice sleeping in the required position for about two weeks before your new piercing. This way you don't have to struggle as much during the healing process.

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One of the best ways to sleep with new piercings in both ears is to use a neck pillow while you sleep. If you don't have one, you can drape a washcloth or towel over your pillow for added comfort.

Finally, change your linens often for a clean, fresh, and bacteria-free environment, especially after all that oozing that comes with the first few days after your new piercing.

If your piercings are really bothering you, see a doctor. Your new piercing shouldn't be too painful on your earlobe.

If they are painful, your piercing is likely infected. In other cases, your piercing may react because it is sensitive to the nickel in your earrings. In this case, you can switch to surgical steel, which is usually hypoallergenic.


Some piercings can take a while to fully heal.

If you have a specific sleeping position or need to follow a specific cleaning routine, do your research before getting your piercing so you are well prepared for your new piercing.

In general, you shouldn't sleep on your piercing until it's fully healed, even if it doesn't hurt.

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