Elden Ring: The Best Shields and Where to Find Them (2023)

old ringis the latest entry in the Soulsborne games genre from the developerBy software. It takes its award-winning game design and combat systems and throws them into a refreshingly open-world experience that people will spend hundreds of hours in.

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The game lets you play however you want, and using the shield and sword is a pretty common fighting style that most players fall into. Knowing what the best shields are in Elden Ring and where to find them can make the challenging experience of overcoming Elden Ring difficulties much more accessible.

Updated Feb 26, 2023 by Branden Lizardi:The number of different items, weapons and armor available in Elden Ring remains one of the most impressive selections in the entire Action RPG genre, and that includes shields! With balance changes, new meta strategies, and time for the community to really think about the possibilities, some items are proving to be better and more rewarding than expected. We've updated this list to better reflect this and ensure you know the best shield options.


11 Spiralhorn-Schild

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The Spiralhorn Shield is perhaps one of the most impressive shields. With its sharp, protruding edges, protruding horns and smaller size, it is really attractive at first glance. This little shield is great for those who rely on strength and dexterity, or those who want to increase those stats throughout the game.

Despite being a small shield, it can provide the added benefit of adding blood loss to an enemy when used to attack. The combination of offensive and defensive abilities makes Spiralhorn Shield a worthy target. It is located in Liurnia of the Lakes and can be looted from a corpse.

10 Exiled Knight's Shield

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The Exiled Knight's Shield is a medium shield that (as you might guess) can be found by an Exiled Knight. Capturing this shield will not be an easy task, but it will be worth it. This shield is fantastic for pure power builds and works well with a sturdy, stout sword.

While the Banished Knight's Shield might not be as visually appealing as some of the others in the game, its distinctive checkerboard style and engravings still make it unique. Also, he can efficiently take damage with some good blocks and well-timed pushbacks. make sureUpgrade this shield to really make it a powerhousein your arsenal.

9 dragon shield

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When comparing the Dragon Shield to others of its class, it falls short as it's a little heavier, requires a little more energy in a build, and can't be obtained until you reach the vendor in Lirunia of the Lakes. this is summed upafter defeating Godrick the Grafted, at the end of your journey in Keep Stormveil.

A staple of FromSoftware Souls-like games, it serves as a convenience item for fans of the developer who want something dependable and reliable in a world of unreliability.

8 Reverse Hawk Heat Shield

Elden Ring: The Best Shields and Where to Find Them (4)

If you happen to get off a big lift in East Limgrave andthe siofra river, do not fast travel away immediately. If you navigate down the left side of the hill, past a group of crystallized miners, you'll find a corpse with an ambush item.

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It's worth taking a chance, as the item in question is the Inverted Falcon heat shield. It's great for both parrying and blocking, and only requires ten points of strength to use properly. It serves as an all-around shield type and master of none type in Elden Ring.

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7 Blue and Gold Dragon Shield

Elden Ring: The Best Shields and Where to Find Them (5)

Among the various shields on this list that may require some game progression or skillful searching to find, the blue and gold dragon shield is one of the easiest to acquire. A merchant south of Minor Erdtree in East Limgrave will sell it for 1,000 runes.

It's a bigger shield that limits maneuverability but solidly reduces damage early in the game. Parry is the active ability that carries it, which is self-explanatory. Access plays a big part in an item's usefulness, and while the Blue and Gold Dragon Shield is pretty standard in many ways, it's easy to obtain for most players.

6 Earth tree big sign

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Most people reading this list would argue that Earth Tree Greatshield should be much higher up the list, especially considering that its active ability called Golden Retaliation has been exploited to great effect by the Elden Ring community. Statistically, it's hard to deny the Earth Tree Greatshield's place as arguably the best shield in the game, but acquiring it is quite difficult and not accessible to everyone.

Requires you to defeat onePair of tree guardslocated on the Altus Plateau. If you've tried your luck fighting the Tree Sentinel that patrols the opening area of ​​the game, then you know how challenging acquiring this shield is.

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5 Carian Knight's Shield

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The Carian Knight's Shield is a medium shield that drops after defeating Moongrum, the Carian Knight, at Raya Lucaria Academy. Elden Ring is a game that lets you play however you want, and anyone who likes to block with a shield knows how daunting stamina management can be. Each blocked attack consumes a portion of your stamina.

Shields have a stat called Guard Boost that limits stamina consumption in this scenario. Carian Knight's Shield, especially when upgraded, is hard to beat. Unlike many other shields, this one only requires ten Strength and ten Dexterity to wield, allowing even magical constructs to take full advantage.

4 jellyfish shield

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In Elden Ring, if a shield has its own unique active ability, it will immediately give you a stat. The Jellyfish Shield is the best shield with the Contagious Fury ability, which increases the wielder's attack power for a period of time.

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Acquisition-wise, all you have to do is head north from the Foot of the Four Belfries mercy spot until you find four jellyfish enemies. In its center is a corpse with an item holder that happens to be that shield. In appearance, it is unlike any other shield in Elden Ring.

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3 brass shield

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If you check out where to drop the Brass Shield, you'll be happy to know that it's available in three locations. Despite this, it's still super rare, with a reported drop chance of just 0.8%. To farm for the drop, it's best to kill the Godrick soldiers who are wielding the shield or the Raya Lucaria soldiers found outsidedie Raya Lucaria Akademie.

Brass Shield has nothing special to offer; It's just a solid mid-shield pick for the early to mid-game. It also doesn't hurt that it's made entirely of gold and will work on most Fashion Souls gear loads.

2 Great Turtle Shield

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Is there anything more majestic than the many tortoises that roam the Midlands? You too can become one of them with the Great Turtle Shield. Fortunately, this medium shield does not require Turtles to take damage to acquire. It's on top of a tower south of Oridys' Rise. Although it doesn't have complete physical defenses, it does offer a very important bonus effect: Stamina Recovery.

When the shield is equipped, it increases your stamina regeneration rate, similar to the Turtleneck Jerky consumable. The best part is that this effect will still apply if you place it on your back while holding a paired weapon. That means Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles character builds are funEfunctional.

1 Schild Beast Crest Heater

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Regarded as the best shield in the entire early game of Elden Ring, the Beast Crest Heater Shield can be found near the entrance to the Deathtouched Catacombs in the northernmost part of Limgrave, southeast of the coliseum enclosed in the cliffs. It's in a chest guarded by some low level enemies and a Beast Crest Heater Knight.

It only weighs 3.5, which helps keep a light or medium load, and it only requires ten Strength, which you'll likely have from the start of the game, depending on which class you choose. Add in Ashes of War and you have something that will see you through most of your adventure.

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