7 best spas near Zurich (also for kids) (2023)

Thermal baths are spa facilities with heated pools, often with water from underground springs. They usually have steam rooms, saunas, heated pools with massage jets and other features.

Although designed for relaxing adults, most spas welcome children and often have special features that make them interesting and fun for children, such as bubble beds, hot/cold pools, lazy rivers, and even water slides. Kids appreciate the warm water and think it's fun when it snows or rains while you're in the outdoor heated pools.

Here are our favorite spas near Zurich. See alsoIndoor poolsandParks with water slides.


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  • What is a thermal bath?
  • Taking children to spas
  • 2. Uno Rheinfelden sole
  • 3. Therme Zurzach
  • 4. Tamina Therme
  • 5. Morschach Swiss Holiday Park
  • 7. Bodensee Therme Constance

Note: I have updated prices and opening hours as of January 2023. These are subject to change without notice.

What is a thermal bath?

In general, you can expect to find a few indoor and outdoor heated pools (typically 32-36C) with a range of massage jets, bubble beds and waterfalls. Sometimes there are special features such as cold pools, salty 'Dead Sea' floating pools or lazy rivers. Most spas have a separate adults-only zone for sauna (often nude) and spa treatments, which may cost extra to enter.

Most have a dry seating area, often with a view. There is usually an attached restaurant, often connected to the pool area, so you can visit without changing out of your regular clothes again.

Spas cost a lot more than regular indoor pools. But winter is long and sometimes you need something a little special to break the monotony of gray skies. You should try it at least once.

Taking children to spas

Before I started going to the spas, I was worried that they were only for adults and that my children would not be welcome there. But children are almost always welcome at the spas, and some even have special family and children's pools. Although your kids shouldn't be as noisy as in a regular public pool, they can certainly laugh, play and swim.

Make sure you read all signs as some pools or areas may be marked "adults only". I have never been gagged or asked to restrain my children in the spas, but I do remind my children not to scream or wet other people. It can be a very fun outing for the whole family if you have the right expectations.

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We usually visit a spa while traveling. It's great for a rainy day or at the end of the day to relax and tire the kids out. Most resort towns in Switzerland, Austria and Germany have at least one thermal bath.

1. Hurlimannbad & Spa Zurich

Conveniently located right in the city of Zurich, this thermal bath and spa is a convenient choice if you want to relax and warm up on a cold day. Our favorite part is the rooftop infinity pool overlooking the city of Zurich, especially beautiful at sunset. We also love the Roman-Irish ritual spa, where you visit a series of rooms including steam rooms, pools with massage jets, quiet lounges and more.

Although children from 1 year old are allowed, it is not our favorite with children as all rooms are quiet and focused on relaxation. There is no family area or pool.

2. Uno Rheinfelden sole

Our favorite spa is Sole Uno near Basel. We go a few times a year, often as a treat when we have visitors. Kids love jumping back and forth from the hot pool to the cold pool and determining who can stay in the cold the longest.

We all love the rainforest room where warm rain falls on you. My boys love trying the different scented steam baths with flavors like coconut/vanilla, lemon/orange and mint. Adults love the Dead Sea pool with 12% salt content so you can float easily and relax. There are of course plenty of massage jets and bubble beds, both inside and out.

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3. Therme Zurzach

The Therme Zurzach northwest of Zurich has four large pools, most with massage jets, bubbles and waterfalls. The small sections of two of the pools are indoor but most are outside which is fine as all pools are 32-35 degrees.

Although most facilities are for adults, children are welcome. Older kids will love the mighty river, which is best enjoyed with a floatation device if they aren't strong swimmers or aren't tall enough. For small children there is one indoorschildren's swimming poolwith spray and a little slide. Sauna rooms and some swimming pools are for adults only. so check the marks before using each function. There is a small cafe within the premises.

4. Tamina Therme

Tamina Therme is a good option for après ski if you are returning from a ski resort southeast of Zurich (such as Pizol, Flumserberg, Davos/Klosters, Flims/Laax or Lenzerheide). It is a beautiful space with a combination of indoor/outdoor heated pools with massage jets. We especially like the hot/cold pools for your feet. A steam room is included with pool entry, while access to full sauna facilities is extra.

7 best spas near Zurich (also for kids) (2)

5. Morschach Swiss Holiday Park

Morschach Swiss Holiday Park is a complete leisure complex with swimming pools, spa facilities and a range of indoor sports activities. This is very close to the car parkStoos Ski Resort, so this is a nice place to relax after a day of skiing or hiking.

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You can visit it only for the "Erlebnisbad", which is a large heated pool that goes both indoors and outdoors. Adults will enjoy massage jets, a waterfall and bubble loungers. Kids will enjoy the 100m water slide, white water channel and paddling pool which is good for little ones. Older kids might get a little bored compared to bigger water slide parks. It was very crowded the day we went and I sat quite chilly by the kiddie pool watching my little one.

They also offer packages that include pool time and 2 hours of sports activities such as badminton, squash, bowling, children's bowling, rock climbing, billiards, table tennis and mini golf. Equipment rental separate fees. I have a friend who goes for this recreation card all the time and she loves it.

6. Mineral Bath & Spa Rigi Cold Bath

Stunning mountain views from the infinity pool at this Rigi half-way spa near Lucerne. They have a heated indoor and outdoor pool, a herbal steam room and a Finnish herbal sauna. Children aged 1 – 16 are allowed in the pools if accompanied by an adult, but not in the sauna and spa facilities.

  • Internet Side:www.aqua-spa-resorts.ch
  • Location:Hotel Rigi Kaltbad - mountain train runs fromVitznautoFirst Rigi cold bath
  • Cost:Day spa ticket for adults 38 CHF / child (7-15) 18 CHF, child (4-6) 10 CHF, age 1-3 free
  • Open:daily 10:00 – 22:00 (only hotel guests from 8:00 to 10:00)

7. Bodensee Therme Constance

The Bodensee Therme is located on the shores of Lake Constance, about an hour from Zurich. It would be nice to visit after a shopping trip "over the border" to rest those tired feet.

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It's smaller than other spas we've visited but has lots of massage jets and a lazy river and plenty of room to splash around. The main pool has a huge wall of windows overlooking Lake Constance, letting in plenty of light. It also has a large outdoor swimming area in the summer with water slides and swimming in the lake which you can add to the hot spring.


7 best spas near Zurich (also for kids)? ›

Not only thermal water is beneficial for everyone, but thermal water treatments are even recommended for children, if they suffer from allergies, chronic otitis, recurrent tonsillitis, recurrent bronchitis, asthma and all kinds of chronic respiratory diseases.

Are thermal baths safe for kids? ›

Not only thermal water is beneficial for everyone, but thermal water treatments are even recommended for children, if they suffer from allergies, chronic otitis, recurrent tonsillitis, recurrent bronchitis, asthma and all kinds of chronic respiratory diseases.

What do you wear to a spa in Switzerland? ›

In the sauna and spa area, the wearing of swimwear is not permitted in the steam baths and the saunas for hygienic reasons. Outside these areas, the intimate area must be covered with a towel or bathrobe. In the entire spa area, only the underwear provided by us is worn.

Can children go to Budapest Spa? ›

Most Popular Adult Thermal Baths In Budapest

However, the most popular “IG-worthy” baths are Széchenyi Spa and Swimming Pools and Gellért Spa and Hotel. Children CAN visit some of the outdoor pools here. Other options include: Rudas Baths is exclusive for adults and teens above 14.

Can babies go into thermal pools? ›

Hot tubs and heated pools hotter than 100°F (37.8°C) are not safe for children younger than three years old.

What spa temp is safe for kids? ›

Keeping the Swimmers Safe

Set hot tub temperature at or below 95 degrees if children will be using the spa. Don't let children stay in the water longer than 10 or 15 minutes at a time (you can potentially extend this time by having them dangle their legs in the water).

Which thermal is best for kids? ›

If your baby is just going to stay at home for the whole day, then you can let him wear cotton long johns, but when going outside, woollen thermal wear are ideal. It is because when outside, your child is going to be active, and hence will sweat a lot. Cotton fabric will absorb the sweat making your kid feel uneasy.

Do you wear undergarments at a spa? ›

For massages and body treatments, ideally you disrobe completely (that means underwear, too). Most spas offer paper panties to wear during body treatments (like scrubs, wraps, or self-tanning)—they don't cover much, but enough to provide a modicum of modesty.

Are jeans acceptable in Switzerland? ›

Switzerland Clothing Style

Zurich is known to be a place that is both conservative and casual, which means that it is acceptable to wear jeans and even sneakers for almost any occasion. There are incredibly beautiful places to visit in Switzerland.

What is the etiquette at a spa? ›

Guests are required to wear robes and footwear in all public areas. Bathing costumes are to be worn at all times in all areas. Guests are advised not to consume alcohol prior to using the facilities. Guests are advised to drink plenty of fluids whilst using the thermal spa experience.

Can a 6 year old go to a spa day? ›

Many spas do not allow children under the age of 16 to use facilities, and the majority do not offer treatments under that age. At some spas, a small collection of treatments such as manicures and pedicures are offered to teenagers, and on occasion, specialised facials for younger skin.

Can a 8 year old go to a spa? ›

As with facials, there's no specific age restriction on having a massage, but generally spas don't offer treatments other than simple manicures and pedicures to children under the age of 16 years old. That said, massage in itself can be used at any age to help relax and enhance wellbeing.

Should kids go to spa? ›

Short Answer: Yes! Having a fun spa day with kids can be a bonding experience. However, for many years spa etiquette dictated that young children were not allowed in the blissful world of spas.

What age can babies go in a spa? ›

Many doctors recommend not allowing your child into a hot tub until he/she is at least 5-years-old. At this age, the child is able to sit upright on his/her own and the body is able to regulate temperature changes more effectively.

Can I put a 3 month old in the pool? ›

From about 2 months you can take them into a heated pool, but don't keep them in the water for more than 10 minutes at first. If they start to shiver, take them out and wrap them in a towel. Babies under 12 months shouldn't stay in a pool for more than 30 minutes.

Can infants go in spa? ›

Infants & Toddlers

The APSP also recommends that toddlers and other young children should not be allowed in a hot tub unless they can stand on the bottom and have their heads completely out of the water.

Who should not use a hot tub? ›

The warm, bubbly water also eases aches and pains from conditions like arthritis, low back pain, and fibromyalgia. But hot tubs might not be safe for some people, including pregnant women and those with heart disease. And when they aren't cleaned well, they pose risks to even healthy people.

How long can you sit in a hot tub? ›

An average adult should spend between 15 and 30 minutes in their hot tub. If the water temperature is 104° F (40° C), the maximum safe time is 15 minutes. If the water temperature is between 95-100° F, you should be able to stay in hot tubs for 30 minutes.

Is 110 too hot for hot tub? ›

Hot tub water temperatures should never exceed 104 degrees Fahrenheit. A temperature of 100 degrees is considered safe for a healthy adult. Special caution is suggested for young children. Excessive drinking during hot tub use can cause drowsiness which could lead to unconsciousness and subsequently result in drowning.

Can kids sleep in thermals? ›

Yes, your kids can sleep in their thermal girls' underwear. In fact, it'll prove to be a benefit to you and them. It'll lower your heating costs as girls' thermal underwear make great pajamas.

Do kids handle heat better than adults? ›

Heat regulation in kids and adolescents

When taking an initial look at the science, there are some good reasons to think that young athletes aren't as heat-hardy as adults. Kids and teenagers don't sweat as much as adults do, and their total blood volume is lower, even for their size.

How do you keep kids safe in extreme heat? ›

Keep kids cool and hydrated

Dress infants and children in loose, lightweight, light-colored clothing. Make sure they're drinking plenty of fluids. Stay away from really cold drinks or drinks with too much sugar. Follow additional tips on how to prevent heat-related illness.

Are thermals good for kids? ›

In frigid cold weather, thermal underwear can keep a child warm and safe from frostbite,” says Dr. Choi. As long as you select a pair of lightweight or midweight thermals made from a warm, breathable material, these thin layers are a great way to lock in heat and keep out moisture.

Is it safe for kids to take ice baths? ›

Summary. The three dangers associated with ice baths and cold plunging are: drowning, hypothermia, & heart attack. To minimize these risks follow these safety protocols: 1) plunge sober & supervise children, 2) go feet first, 3) breathe, and 4) allow time to rewarm.

Can babies go to thermal spa? ›

Is it ok to have a hot mineral soak if I have a small baby? Infants can soak in the hot mineral pools although we recommend keeping them in the lower temperature pools to ensure they do not overheat and babies must be supervised at all times.

What age can you go in a hot tub? ›

It's generally recommended that 5 years old is the minimum age for hot tub use. Children and toddlers younger than that may not have completely developed thermoregulation processes that allow them to maintain an appropriate body temperature when submerged in hot water.

What are the best winter layers for kids? ›

Start again with a bodysuit or long johns made from Merino wool or synthetic material. Layer on a thick wool or synthetic sweater and pants. For the outer layer, we recommend a well-insulated jacket or snowsuit. Top it off with a thick hat, warm mittens, a neck warmer and winter boots.

What can I wear instead of thermals? ›

What to wear over thermal underwear? Here are some sportswear items that will work best
  • Fleece – a sweatshirt made of this material will provide good thermal insulation. ...
  • Wool sweater – it will warm you up in minus temperatures. ...
  • Softshell – a jacket that protects you against wind and light precipitation.
Jan 17, 2023

What temperature should kids not wear shorts? ›

“The safety of wearing shorts in the winter really depends on what the temperature and wind-chill is outside,” said Dr. Levine. “When it starts to fall below 40 degrees, and worse, below freezing temperatures, anyone will be at risk for developing things like frostbite or hypothermia.

Do ice baths remove toxins? ›

When you sit in an ice bath — or when you rub a cup of ice on the muscles you just trained — the cold causes your blood vessels to tighten. This helps flush the lactic acid and other toxins out of your tired muscles.

Who should not use ice bath? ›

Who shouldn't take ice baths
  • Heart disease.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Diabetes.
  • Peripheral neuropathy.
  • Poor circulation.
  • Venous stasis.
  • Cold agglutinin disease.
Mar 21, 2022

Are you supposed to wear clothes in an ice bath? ›

You'll need to wear clothing, like shorts and a T-shirt, during your ice bath to protect your skin. Some people also choose to wear a sweatshirt and booties to keep their torso and toes warm.

Can a child go to a spa? ›

Many spas do not allow children under the age of 16 to use facilities, and the majority do not offer treatments under that age. At some spas, a small collection of treatments such as manicures and pedicures are offered to teenagers, and on occasion, specialised facials for younger skin.

Can a 5 month old go in a spa? ›

Children and Hot Tubs

The simple answer is no. Infants and pregnant women need to avoid spas because babies cannot regulate temperature changes like adults, and they will quickly overheat. Even taking the temperature down will not make a hot tub safe.

Why is there an age limit on Jacuzzi? ›

The universally accepted age limit for hot tub use is five years old. Children younger than five don't have properly developed thermoregulation mechanisms that allow their bodies to deal with higher temperatures. Infants especially, have very thin skin that can allow them to overheat very quickly.

What age can you go in a spa pool? ›

Can children go in hot tubs? Hot Spring spa pools have been designed with safety as the highest priority and are fine to use for anyone tall enough to stand on the bottom while their head is completely out of the water. This means that most models are safe for children as young as five years old.


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